Week of Prayer 2024


Founded in 1974, the Week of Prayer for World Peace has been an interfaith activity each October.  The first chair, the late Dr. Edward Crpenter, former Dean of Westminster Abbey, established the guiding principle of the Week in the words “The peace of the world must be prayed for by the faiths of the world” and this continues to be the basis of the Week.

For over 50 years each October, people have gathered to talk, listen and pray for peace.  The opening of the document to initiate WPWP said, ‘In the turmoil of a world increasingly dominated by violence and characterised by bewilderment and confusion created by the apparent impotence of man to elevate sufferings caused by injustice except by more recourse to violence, it seems to us that an unprecedented spiritual initiative is urgently required.’  Sadly, fifty years on those words ring true today.

Over the next months, as number of activities will take place culminating in the WPWP from Sunday, 13 October to Sunday, 22 October.  Many of the events will be online and will be open to all. A special Prayer Resource is being produced.

Also, during the WPWP once again working with the Iona Community and the Alignment of Contemplative Practices, a daily digital offering from different faith communities will offer music and thoughts.

The WPWP initiated an annual peace award, the Wilson/Hinkes Peace Award, to recognise individuals and groups who are working for peace and reconciliation at grassroots levels.  It is named for two former Chairs of WPWP, Revd. Gordon Wilson and Revd. Sidney Hinkes.  There will be a special event this year to gather former recipients to get updates on their work.

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